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@AaronClarkey, Dancer, wears

@NotVeryWellclothinglabel 'Money' jacket, 'NVW Area Boyz' trousers, @YrsaDaleyWard 'We are every one of us' hoody. A collaboration with 

a platform for artists and musicians.

3D model renders by @Santiagosaenger, Creative direction Zhi Holloway.

Connect & share the Cities 'creative' infrastructure in digital avatars and assets. While supporting yourself, and the City Coins.

We are launching! blast off

To celebrate we invite you to take a screenshot, video clip or do something creative with the 3D Augmented Reality (AR) model '@AaronClarkey, Dancer'  above post up on socials using #Citycoinsclub our Twitter page is citycoinsclub we are going to mint 100 of the best posts we discover as NFTs on a new marketplace built on the Stacks Blockchain. So get involved from now until the countdown date whereby we release our first City Coins Club editions. (All chosen participants minted NFTs will retain 45% royalties from the sale and 40% on re-sales while contributing to City Coins sale: 23% & resale: 27% and supporting City Club Coins sale: 23% & resale: 27%. With 7% going towards Mint costs which are always cheaper and more sustainable on Bitcoin than Ethereum! and a further 10% to the NFT marketplace.

Please note: All Participants meaning if your post is not chosen will receive an early access code to the City Coins Club membership).

Thanks for subscribing!

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